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Tommard is a city on the eastern shore of Lake Colaud, on the western edge of the Camlekian Waste. Its current lord is Baron Beauregard, who inherited the land from the dying Claude du Tommard, whose family had abandoned it long ago.

Early history

Tommard was a thriving town on the lakeshore, a center of trade among several cities on the lake. However, when Camlek laid waste to most of the region, all of the towns suffered. Tommard soon fell prey to the depradations of monsters, most particularly orcs that roamed the area during the later days of the Wars of Arin. The city was sacked and its ruler slain, and only a handful of its residents escaped. One of those was Claude, the young son of the baron, who made his way to the Vorilon River and, after many years of wandering, to Semmarch.


While in Semmarch, Claude began learning the skills of an adventurer. However, due to his advanced age, only Beau was willing to take him on a mission. When he perished, he bequeathed the land to Beau. The young warrior recruited a small army from his homeland and traveled north, where they liberated the ruins of the city from the orcs that were still using it as a lair, then rebuilt the city.


However, some of the local residents grumbled about a foreigner now running their city -- grumbling that was fueled by the arrival of Beau's estranged daughter, Tarsha, who wants to turn it into a full-fledged rebellion. For a short time, the rebels actually gained partial control over the city when Tarsha lured Beauregard and several companions into some caverns and trapped them there, but they soon escaped and drove the rebels out again. For now, the rebels leave the city itself alone, preferring to waylay caravans carrying goods to and from the city.