First Observatory

From Ardrana

The First Observatory is the preeminent temple of Mastepha, located on Northrop Lane on the northwest side of the city of Imor. Its location is directly beneath the fixed position of Mastepha's moon in the skies over Ardrana, and it is from here that We Who Watch hold their unceasing vigil. The temple is built of a reddish stone, and is shaped like a geodesic dome. In the top part of this dome is located the Method Room, where the dome can be opened to the sky so that Mastepha can look down on the proceedings. In this room is kept the Book of Shared Knowledge, the most ancient and sacred of Watched artifacts.

The observatory itself was built long ago, before the founding of the city of Imor. There are those who say it was built even before the fall of Pretic, but no records exist from that time to be certain. The temple has many special properties, not the least of which is that arcane magic cannot work within its walls. The ubiquitous Imorian Wristbands also do not function in any way here, except during certain rituals, making communication quite difficult.

The First Scientist, as the high priest of Mastepha is called, of the temple is a Grey Elf named Tellizia, who is originally from Flohrilynn Forest. Those who serve here are chosen from all over Ardrana, and always include representatives from as many races and cultures as possible to increase the knowledge available here. Visitors are always welcome, but only those who actively seek knowledge are permitted to experiment here.

Once per month, the First Scientist leads a ritual known as the Sharing of Knowledge. At this ritual, all those in attendance are asked to share any knowledge they wish. The high priest calls each person in turn, and if they wish to share, they mount the dais at the southern end of the room. Only the high priest and those on the dais are allowed to speak. During this ritual, the dome is opened, and the Imorian Wristbands will function.