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Gairevander is a Human fighter and minor nobleman from the city of Tremasset. His father, Benvebrell, is a high-ranking member of the court of Earl Decadremus, which allowed his son to grow up in the palace. In his youth, he received extensive military training, especially in swordsmanship and tactics, and accompanied his father in traveling around the South Coast. Eventually, Gairevander became squire to the Earl's eldest son, Socratemus, but before long he left the palace for reasons that he prefers not to discuss.

After departing from Tremasset, Gaire made his way along the south and east coasts of Kellan doing odd jobs and trying to escape his reputation. His journeys led him along the Shore Road all the way to Gascar, where he was hired by the organization building the Carrolwood Entertainment District to lead a group of adventurers in exploring and cleaning out the ruins to the south of the city. When that group was let go by Carrolwood to look into a pirated ship belonging to the group, Gaire stayed behind to work as a liaison to Gascar's movers and shakers in an effort to improve the organization's image.

Gairevander is a PC played by John Proulx.