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Hydralanus is a Human priest of Bassik who was born and raised in the small town of Taice on the eastern coast, just north of the Onyl Mountains. For a number of years, he was stationed at the temple to Bassik in Stavin, where Bassik is worshiped in his form as the Lord of Ice. As such, he is often seen as being cold in personality. However, a decade or so ago, he was transferred by his temple to the far-off city of Semmarch, where they were experimenting with a sort of multi-denominational temple. There, he soon found himself second in command to a bureaucratic priest of Lathoris named Falzon, where he was quite comfortable running things himself...that is, until a fire-brand mage named Beatrice and her companions met up with him and dragged him off on all kinds of adventures.

After Duke Mirdael declared Hanaellan independent of the White Alliance, Hydralanus briefly stayed on, waiting for an opportunity at another temple. He returned for a time to Stavin, but a year ago was offered the opportunity to become High Priest at Bassik's temple in Gascar.

Hydralanus was originally a PC played by Sydney Howard, now an NPC.