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This article is about the country of Hanaellan. For the similarly-named body of water, see Hanaelon River.

Hanaellan is an area in the northern part of the SouthLands, bounded on the north by the Thair Mountains in the east and by Lan-Zarek in the west, on the south by Kellan, and on the west by Idrellan. It is ruled by Mirdael Hanaestor, the Duke of Hanaellan, from the city of Byngh.


Hanaellan, which means "Green Land" in the Kellanic tongue, was originally the name of only the region around Byngh itself. The land was ruled by the Hanaestor family for two centuries. During the Wars of Arin, the region was conquered by the Onyx Empire, and Larimar Hanaestor was killed in battle. Larimar's son, Lawrence, joined what was left of Byngh's army to the burgeoning White Alliance, swearing fealty to Morley Pallianor. For this, he was granted the title of Duke of Semmarch in the neighboring region of Emmerdale, which was still free of the Empire.

After the Wars of Arin concluded, Lord Morley decided that the lands of Hanaellan would be added to Emmerdale, and thereby the Duchy of Semmarch was expanded to include this area. As the Wars faded into memory, Lawrence's son Leadro moved the seat of the duchy back to Byngh, although it was still officially known as the Duchy of Semmarch.

Current status

After Leadro's death, he bequeathed his title to Mirdael, his adopted eldest son. About three years ago, Mirdael chose to withdraw from the White Alliance for reasons that are still murky, although he kept the title of Duke. He renamed the entirety of the united region Hanaellan in honor of his father. Duke Mirdael has since taken to courting the nobles of Lan-Zarek and Idrellan in an attempt to build an alliance of his own, with mixed success.