Isabella Valentino

From Ardrana

Isabella Valentino is a Halfling rogue from the town of Switaly on the island of Martavigna. She currently works for the Chervil household in Gascar, living at Chervil Manor with her closest friend, Aki. She is also a member in good standing of of both the Thieves' Guild of Gascar as well as that of her former home in Agropthos.

Isabella's first love is cooking, but she does like to adventure from time to time to keep her skills sharp. Prior to working for the Chervils, she was the daytime chef at the Inn of the Shifting Sands in Agropthos. In that city, she and Aki lived with Yanna, her contact with the guild. While there, she helped an Elven mage named Cait to find her instructor's staff, which had been stolen by renegade priests of Varice. Shortly after that adventure ended, she was hired by Lady Chervil and moved to her home in Gascar.