Jaydi Waterbuck

From Ardrana

Jaydi Waterbuck is a Tallfellow Halfling retired journalist and part-time adventurer. Originally from Tiller's Bend, he heard tales of the Wars of Arin and wished to know more. He traveled down the Vorilon River to Semmarch, where he joined the local thieves' guild.

Jaydi quickly discovered that, despite their reputation for being information gatherers, the thieves' guild wasn't gathering the type of information he sought. Thus, after only a couple of brief missions, he traveled to the region's capital, Morelenas. There, he found his true talent: writing. He started up a newsletter, which he called "This Week in Morelenas Events". Eventually shortened to "The Twimes", it chronicled much of the doings in Kellan during and after the wars. Copies of The Twimes were carred by caravans all across Kellan and beyond, and eventually even reached Jaydi's hometown. This was enough to inspire at least a handful of local residents to become adventurers.

Jaydi eventually retired a fairly wealthy man. He moved to a bungalow in nearby Tremasset, where he lives to this day. The Twimes is still published on a weekly basis, but does not have nearly the circulation that it once did.