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The city of Morelenas sits at the very southern tip of the mainland of Lanad i'Sarois, on the southern coast of the Bay of Light. It serves as the center of the loose affiliation of governments that make up the White Alliance, as it is the meeting place of the White Council. Many say that it is merely a symbolic capital, as most important diplomatic dealings happen in Hanmer, but it is true that even Hanmer takes its lead from Morelenas.

In addition to being the location of the White Castle, the residence of the president of the White Council (currently Lukus the Blue), Morelenas is the seat of one of the ten duchies of the White Alliance, and it is currently governed by Marcus Pallianor, the heir of the founder of the alliance, Morley Pallianor. Marcus' sister, Mariam, is the city's steward.


The date of the founding of Morelenas is lost to the mists of time, but it certainly predates the Lanad Calendar. At the time, the city was named "Bassimer", City of the Ocean. By the third century L.C. it was home to a thriving fishing trade as well as being one terminus of the Old Gnome Road.

In 271, during the rule of King Davirey, the city was attacked by forces from the northwest led by Xavin of Wesber. Those forces conquered the city, and it was renamed for Morelen, Xavin's patron. Over the next several centuries, the city was built into both a thriving city and a mighty military stronghold.


The port of Morelenas

Morelenas is also an important port, serving the entire southern part of Kellan. It sits at the mouth of the Hanaelon River, the second largest river in the Lanad, and many ships bearing crops arrive here from the farmlands to the north. It is also a deep-water port, regularly serving trading ships from as far away as Vesqui and Rogariel and from time to time hosting ships from all across Ardrana.


In addition to the Old Gnome Road, Morelenas sits at the southern end of the King's Road, making it a center of trade by both land and sea. The King's Road itself was built during the Wars of Arin to aid in troop movement, but now serve as a land-based alternative to the Vorilon for both travel and trade.


Inspiration's Height

The preeminent temple to Morelen, leader of the Ardic pantheon of deities, is also located here -- rather appropriately, as the city is named for him. It is known as Inspiration's Height, and is located atop a rocky crag looking out over the bay. Its current high priest is Anthony.


As the capital of the White Alliance, the White Army has a large garrison here, which is officially commanded by Whozewatze, Captain of the City Guard. General Zachriel has his headquarters here, and high-level staff meetings are typically conducted in the castle keep.

White Navy

As the largest deep-water port in Kellan, Morelenas is also home to the White Alliance's relatively small navy, which is led by Admiral Templeton. It also serves as official home port to the remaining ships of the Navy of Arain, of which there are three, commanded by Lorn.

City Watch

The main city is patrolled by the Morelenas City Watch, which was founded by Doriendor, the first Sheriff of Morelenas, and is currently led by Tinsley. This group, nominally under the auspices of the White Army, serves as the city's police force.

Sections of the city

The city itself is divided into three sections: the White Castle itself, the administrative area, and the main city.

The castle proper

The first of these is the central section which contains the White Castle itself, which is enclosed within a walled keep. This keep was built during the Wars of Arin, after the castle was relocated from the area currently occupied by the keep's southern wall.

The citadel

Surrounding the keep is an area that contains most of the important buildings in Morelenas, including Inspiration's Height and the city's port area. This area is also walled, and is protected by the City Guard led by Whozewatze.

The busiest building in this section is undoubtedly White Hall, which serves as quarters for members of the Council, their staffs, and visiting dignitaries. There are also temples to Severn, Gaiya, Raskill and Vodyus, patrons of the non-Human races that the Alliance primarily comprises. The last of these is located in a small druid grove near the outer east wall. This temple is tended by Azirist, an emissary of the Cabal who occasionally advises the Council.

The main city

Outside of this area is the city proper. This area has only a partial wall, on the north side of the city. This wall, too, was built during the early days of the Wars of Arin, when Morjec's forces were advancing on the city. Although it was never completed, the watch towers along the King's Road are always in use.