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Koku is a hengeyokai thief. She stands just 4' 11", and has long black hair. Due to her appearance, many take her to be from Jiberia, although her true origins are unknown. She traveled for some time with Alysten and Corelda, but often found herself in trouble due to her penchant for being an actual thief in addition to a thief by class.

At last count, she was known to be wanted for various crimes in at least three cities. One of these crimes was the theft of a horse from the city of Hanmer. She named this horse Sashimi, and was last known to still be riding it. After further travels, she returned to Hanmer, where she is a mid-level member of the local thieves' guild. She also has a hireling named Ralf who serves as her bodyguard and pack mule.

Koku was a PC played by Kate Christian, now an NPC.