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Corelda is a Lastini mage who hails from the town of Teticha. She is the daughter of Merma and Aldos. When she was of age, she abandoned the boring tasks in the family fishery and took up her father's profession of fishing on the open waters off the coast of Mentoncha. When he was seriously injured, she chose to pursue her second passion - magery - to the extreme displeasure of her mother. Sadly, the family's ship, the M.M. Porcillo, has been turned over to Purjay, a Human outsider from Rogariel in order to keep the family business alive.

A couple years ago, Corelda decided to try her hand at adventuring in order to help replenish her family's coffers. She led a party out of Hanmer on a number of adventures, during which time she occasionally let her bravado get the better of her. In one of her early adventures, she burned down a significant portion of Ruisti Forest, and her perception of her ability with her favored weapon, the bolas, often outweighed her performance. Still, over the years, she grew into her powers, and might now be considered quite dependable.

About a year ago, she was called back to Mentoncha by her mother due to some internal political issues. Gilbert Sullivan, who seems to have a bit of a crush on her, accompanied her, but the two parted ways some time later. The paths of Corelda and Lady Allegra Brownstoke have also crossed, as there seems to be some connection between the two and the crest depicted on Allegra's book. However, circumstances have led to such matters being set aside as well.

Corelda is a PC played by Shelley Proulx.