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Lukeon is the current ruler of the Elven city of Shaiyo on the shore of Lake Colaud. His father was born in the city, but left after the destruction of most of Eliendis by Camlek resulted in the creation of the Camlekian Waste. Lukeon was born in the Filitir Forest, but returned to Shaiyo at the behest of Meryssal, the chief advisor to the prior king, as the last surviving heir of the city's royal family. His people eventually came to accept him, even though his mother was Human.

Lukeon himself never sought a title. He was happy being an adventurer, a warrior as well as a priest of Vodyus. In fact, it was in the course of one of these adventures that he found out about his true lineage, which his father had sought to hide from him.

Lukeon is known for his great benevolence, but is also known for being a bit of a magnet for bad luck. During his adventuring days, he often found himself removed from battle due to his own clumsiness or an ill-timed strike from his opponent. He has not quite gotten over his nerves at being ruler of an important city, and will often make a social faux pas at an ill-timed moment. The people of Shaiyo often consider this Laurent's punishment upon them for accepting a half-blood ruler -- at least until Lukeon does something unexpected and beneficial, reminding them why they tolerate his rule.

Lukeon was originally a PC run by David Wargo, and is currently an NPC.