From Ardrana

Malarik is the Ardic god of magic, more specifically arcane magic, and as such is considered something of a patron of mages. His preeminent temple is located in the western part of Ardann i'Parastha, near to the former site of the Purple Castle.

The faiths of Malarik and of Mastepha often come into conflict, as followers of Malarik often eschew the process of science while those of Mastepha consider magic to be something of a blight upon the laws of nature. Still, these conflicts tend to arise mostly in the philosophical arena rather than on the battlefield.

Malarik's holy symbol is a ring of gold. This ring is generally set with a stone that reflects a wizard's area of specialization, or a stone of deep blue for a generalist. Some of Malarik's priests mimic the arcane practice of specialization, praying only for spells of a certain school, and their rings bear those stones as well.