Purple Castle

From Ardrana

Legends speak of a great castle whose concentration of magic is so strong that it has a purplish glow in the light of the full moon. Ancient texts speak of how the castle housed vast magical knowledge, and that it was guarded by the seven major races of Ardrana. Its location is a mystery, but the Lastini speak of it having been across the Golden Ocean, on an island off the coast of Ardann i'Parastha.

The Purple Castle was thought to have been utterly destroyed over 500 years ago through the treachery of Keraptis, one of the senior wizards who studied there. He is said to have slain the chief wizard of the castle, Lorenz, after a wizarding duel, and that the castle was destroyed in the aftermath. Another of its members, the wizard Gandriel, escaped the destruction and went on to help found the Jar-Kahni School of Arcane Knowledge.

Recently, it has come to light that perhaps this great storehouse was not destroyed, but had sunken benead the waves of the Golden Ocean and was still preserved. This rumor is causing great strife among the Lastini people and two rival factions have developed - each claiming direct lineage to the guardians of so long ago.