Mello Yellow

From Ardrana

Mello Yellow is a human fighter from the city of Rabk. As a boy, he was apprenticed to the mage Ztevys, and worked for a time in his shop. Unfortunately, a magical accident with a one of Ztevys' bombs caused a problem for the lad, causing him to forever afterwards break out in maniacal laughter at any sort of explosion.

Nevertheless, Mello Yellow went on to a very successful career as the leader of an adventuring party, beginning with the investigation of a haunted house in his hometown, then traveling for several years with Beauregard and Acrobat before the latter's untimely demise. He has been known to aid Baron Beauregard in important missions involving the safety of Tommard, but Mello Yellow prefers to adventure in the SouthLands.

Mello Yellow is a PC played by Matt Proulx.