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Rabk is a fairly large city in south-central Kellan, about midway between Hanmer to the north and Morelenas to the south. It sits along Mellon's Road, which branches off from the King's Road toward Gascar. It is the seat of the duchy of the same name, one of the ten member duchies of the White Alliance. It is one of the newer duchies, having been carved out of the borders of Hanmer, Morelenas, Gascar and Shethkor in the days following the Wars of Arin.

Early history

Once a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere, Rabk rose to prominence during the latter days of the Wars of Arin following the discovery of a large deposit of adamantine in the region. The owner of the land, a merchant and financier named Mellon, quickly became one of the wealthiest men in the region. Rabk's current mayor is his son, Rockefeller, who is still the largest landholder in the area. The town's Baron, Synathan Rookhaven, was elevated to Duke and appointed to the White Council under Morley Pallianor.

Current information

The titular Duke of Rabk, Zybourn, was appointed to that position by Milvey Pallianor following the death of the city's previous lord, Synathan's son Maximillian. In the process, Eisten Ellistor, then the Earl of Ellimer, was passed over, causing some bad feelings. However, due to Rockefeller's wealth and power, the title is considered largely ceremonial. The captain of Rabk's White Army garrison is Corona, a Dwarven veteran of the Wars of Arin. There is also a fairly large magic school here run by an alchemist named Ztevys.