From Ardrana

Orin is the third son of Thorin Orchammer, younger brother of Thorin Archer and Dorin the Axeman. Though he, like his brothers, started out as an adventurer, he found that it was not to his taste. Nor, to his brothers' chagrin, did he have much desire to be a soldier, and so for a while he found himself unable to join his family's endeavors.

Eventually, Orin found that his greatness was in the working of metal into items of great skill, he had no skill as a warrior, and instead turned his skills to weaponcraft. It is he who is the lead smith of all the Thair Mountains, and at his direction the many weapons and suits of armor for both the Dwarven army and the military of Braith are made. For this, he has been most highly rewarded by the kingdom.

Orin was originally a PC played by Kevin Clark, and is now an NPC.