Thorin Archer

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Thorin Archer is the leader of Thorin's clan, the Dwarves that live in the Thair Mountains in central Lanad i'Sarois. He has been their king since the days of the Wars of Arin, when his father, Thorin Orchammer, was slain by the Dark Elven general Daelras. For many years thereafter, he fought in the wars, and also adventured in search of allies for his kingdom. During these adventures, he forged a lifelong friendship with Zorg, the son of Xorg, who had fought by his father's side. It was Thorin who convinced Zorg's people to live in the Thair Mountains, and his dwarves aided in the building of the city of Braith. During those years, he also became great friends with Sir Roderick Harper, who eventually convinced him to join the White Alliance.

Over the years, Thorin has become a wise ruler, but it was not always so. Early on, he chose not to join the White Alliance, thinking that it would limit his strategic needs. He also once attempted to assassinate Delgon during a friendly archery competition -- his skill with the crossbow is what has gained him his appellation -- a move that nearly cost him the friendship of Lukus the Blue as well as the alliance. Later, he took part in a risky venture to destroy Keraptis after the fall of the Onyx Empire, and was saved only through the quick actions of his companions.

Today, the kingdom of the Thair is at peace, but recently a threat has arisen. It was discovered that there is a magical nexus beneath the mountains, and the Dwarves must be vigilant against the threat of the Maluur. Thorin is content to rule in seclusion, trusting his brother and heir, Dorin the Axeman, to handle much of the day-to-day business of the kingdom.

Thorin and his court are sometimes looked upon with a bit of distrust by other Dwarven clans (and even some within their own clan) due to their open acceptance of wizardly magic. Thorin's clan is the only Dwarven clan known to have a court wizard (Eljayess), and have kept counsel with Leviticus Pallianor on occasion over the years as well. Still, Thorin is too highly respected to be challenged, but some look to the next king to return to Dwarven traditions.

Thorin was a PC played by Kevin Clark, and is now an NPC.