From Ardrana

The city of Braith lies nestled among the peaks of the Thair Mountains. It was founded following the destruction of the city of Arain during the Wars of Arin. Zorg, who was the ruler of his people, was close friends with Thorin Archer, the king of the Dwarves of the Thair Mountains, and it was Thorin who convinced him that, after the wanderings of his people, they should be given the security of a mountain fastness for their new home.

Braith is, essentially, in a permanent state of martial law, as the Braithians accept as their ruler Borg, the general of their army and second son of Xorg, the former king. This has caused some hard feelings, both with Borg's elder brother Zorg, as well as with a small but growing cult that follows Morg, Xorg's seventh son, who is believed to be a seer. Zorg himself is commander of an elite group of dragon riders who defend the city from the air and occasionally patrol the region to observe the movements of the troops of Arin.

Braith is strongly allied with the Dwarves of Thorin's clan who live within the mountains below them, and together they have a military alliance with the White Alliance. A seat is reserved for them on the White Council following the withdrawal of Hanaellan, but thus far neither Borg nor Thorin Archer has appointed anyone to fill it, nor to take part in any political body connected to the alliance.