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Rakeor is a Dwarven fighter from the Thair Mountains and a member of Thorin's clan. He decided to make his way into the outside world to see if he could make his own fortune as an adventurer. As a youth, he heard many a tale told by patron's at his grandfather's brewery and pub about treasures to make a man wealthy for life. He learned how to play various games during that time and found he had a natural knack of holding his liquor. He enjoyed training with his father, taking a liking to axes of all types, but never felt the desire to become a weaponsmith, despite his parent's urgings.

As he matured, he learned he had an eye for evaluating gems and metals. He got a job as an appraiser’s assistant with a man who was a frequent patron at the pub with whom he'd gotten to know well and had first noted his talent. The adventuring bug proved too much for him, however, and he left to seek his fortune in less than a year's time.

Rakeor is a PC played by Shelley Proulx.