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Isu is a Human dimensionalist originally from the town of Telles on the island of Leffotin. She traveled with her parents quite a bit when she was young, even visiting Sigil for a while when her father worked at one of the City of Doors' eating establishments. It was there that she developed an interest in the school of dimension, and also learned the arts of fortune telling using tarot cards.

When she showed talent in magic, her parents sent her to Rogariel to attend the University Al Maneera. There, she met her two best friends, Zaikum and Ikuyan. The three of them have met every year since graduation in Agropthos -- Zaikum's home town -- for the festival of the Day of Change. During the 836-837 festival, Isu accompanied Illiger and several others to a meeting of the Cult of Hades, aiding in defeating a demon and escaping.

After this, Isu helped Shale make her way to the town of Automata to aid Rakeor, who had been sent there by a spectator in the cult's temple. The three of them traveled to Sigil as escorts for the aasimar mage Stanwendrewley, eventually making their way to Promise Junction.

Isu is a PC played by John Proulx.