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Shale is a Dwarven priestess of Perasin who hails from the Thair Mountains and is a member of Thorin's clan. She was reluctant to venture into the outside world, but resolved to do so after she'd heard of the intention of a fellow clan member, Rakeor, to do so. She saw a poster looking for aid with Carrolwood, a project in the southern part of Gascar, so followed the fellow until he agreed to let her travel with him.

After a bit, the Carrolwood project stalled, so Shale and Rakeor followed Dalva north, taking on odd missions. Dalva left the group after an encounter with pirates went sideways, and Shale was left the reluctant leader of the remainder of the party. Eventually, she ended up in Agropthos, where Rakeor disappeared during a raid on some ruins, and with the aid of Isu, Shale left the party in order to retrieve him. The three of them traveled to Sigil as escorts for the aasimar mage Stanwendrewley, eventually making their way to Promise Junction, where Shale has been appointed High Priestess overseeing its rebuilding.

Shale is a PC played by Louise McLeary.