From Ardrana

Orphaned at a very young age, Ralnar never discovered his dwarven ancestry. He was taken in by a group of clerics that happened upon the carnage that was the party with which Ralnar traveled. Barely alive, the clerics were able to stabilize Ralnar's limp form and eventually were able to restore him to perfect health. The only visible evidence of that devastating day is a scar running from his upper right cheek down the length of his neck. Even with a full beard, it is obvious that there is a deformity on that side of Ralnar's beard, which is a great source of social anxiety.

Ralnar has brown hair, pale blue eyes, and fair skin, though he does have a little bit of a tan from spending some time in the sun. He tends to braid his beard and occasionally his hair in hot weather. Ralnar has a sort of preoccupied air about him. He is aware of activity that goes on around him and is usually alert, but appears to be some times lost in his thoughts. Ralnar is not hostile or confrontational by nature, but will attack fiercely when threatened.

For most of his life, Ralnar has lived at a small temple in Enedzeram. Not long ago, he decided it was time to make his own way, and so climbed the Wall of Night to reach the city of Inirica. There, he encountered Trenton Marquire, who brought him to the far-off city of Imor to help them clear out an underground passage. After several adventures there, he left for Greece, serving as a guard for the minstrel Orpheus and his retinue.