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Rockefeller is a former adventurer who is currently the mayor of the city of Rabk. He is the largest non-titled landholder in all of Kellan, having built on the fortune he inherited from his father, Mellon, a wealthy merchant whose land contained large deposits of adamantine.

In his youth, Rockefeller was something of a dilettante, occasionally trying his hand at adventuring. He always traveled with his butler, Jeeves, and his personal spellcaster, an alchemist named Rutherford. Rutherford actually lived within a room built inside a large bag of holding, into which Rockefeller would place items that needed to be identified or analyzed in some way.

Rockefeller also carried a number of items invented by employees of his father. Among these were a collapsible battering ram, a clear tube made of an unknown substance which could be placed over a person to protect them while walking, and a number of other unusual devices.

Rockefeller was a PC played by John Proulx, now an NPC.