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The city of Vesqui sits on the southern edge of Shael i'Vor, on the border of Idrellan and on the shores of the Living Ocean. It was originally built by the Elves of Shael i'Vor to serve as an outer defense of the forest against the Karis after their arrival in Lanad i'Sarois several hundred years ago. Following the building of the East-West Road, the land surrounding which became Idrellan, it now serves as an important trading city. The population is a nearly equal mix of Elves and humans, with a smattering of other races mixed in.

As part of their treaty with the White Alliance during the Wars of Arin, a garrison of soldiers of the White Army was stationed here. Now, it is a mostly Elven force, but it is led by a human named Fitzky do Barra, who also serves as the head of the city's government. They are represented on the White Council by Jensia, a former adventurer, who has been attempting to get an Elf appointed as Fitzky's replacement.

Recently, with the forest of Shael i'Vor under attack by the Maluur, the city has been attempting to strengthen its defenses and alliances. Both Fitzky and Jensia have reached out to various nobles of Idrellan, mostly known friends of the White Alliance. However, their own contentious relationship as well as Fitzky's diplomatic shortcomings has often seen them fail to bear fruit, although the efforts continue.