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Thomin is an Elven bard who hails from the city of Hanmer. Known primarily for his skill as an entertainer, he has found success both as an adventurer and as a performer.

Theatrical career

From childhood, Thomlin had a special flair. He began performing at his local inn and then, when he was old enough, began making journeys to Morelenas and back performing and learning all he could to add to his talents. He soon found himself performing in the largest venue in all the SouthLands, Hanmer's Central Amphitheatre. There, he found himself in the title role as the evil witch doctor in Manotikitiya.

While back in Hanmer, he had the good fortune to meet a fellow bard named Gilbert Sullivan, who taught him The Ballad of Nevyn. He then put together a traveling theatre company of his own, the Nazivonema Public Repertory, which brought that show to the distant NorthLands. While on this journey, Thomlin began writing his own material, crafting a sequel to Manotikitiya entitled The Sea-Going Ghost, using the same cast of heroes.

Upon his return to the SouthLands, Thomlin came to Nazivonema with his troupe. With the money he earned on his NorthLands tour, he was able to rent the Versilo Amphitheatre, a venue in the city, and mount his new production, which is currently playing there.

Adventuring career

Thomlin has also had a side career in adventuring between his tours. A few months ago, he aided in running off some ogres from the town of Gaithos.

Thomlin is a PC played by Shelley Proulx.