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Thunderklak -- or "Klak" for short -- is a Dwarven fighter who has worked for the past several years as a mercenary, often in tandem with Sildar. He is a Sundered Dwarf, meaning most Dwarves consider him an aberration, and especially so considering he has no hair or beard. He is a devotee of the Dwarven god Dazhak, and has an appreciation of magical things that come from the Earth.

Klak also has tattoos on his arms in the form of "X"'s which represent the number of kills by his war hammer and are a source of intense pride. His right arm is much more developed than his left due to practicing throwing the hammer daily. His plate mail armor is covered in thick black grease which has mud and dust with small branches and twigs stuck between the joints, and his black helmet sometimes has a long spike attached to the top and often has a Light Blue Prism shaped Ioun Stone circling around it.

Klak carries a unique magical throwing hammer he calls Dazhak's Divine Thunder Hammer of Smithereens, hooked onto a thick leather belt. He has no permanent home, but generally spends his down time in the city of Nazivonema, looking for his next assignment. He traveled with SpringRite and his companions for a time, but they parted ways following the destruction of the ship on which they were traveling.

Thunderklak is a PC played by Phil Vlasak.