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SpringRite (Fanerelle in the Elven tongue) is an Elven fighter who was born and raised in the Elven community of the Filitir Forest. As a child of two Elven warriors, he learned early the art of sword and bow. After passing through the rites of adulthood,, he decided to test his skills in the wider world. To this end, he proceeded west to the closest large multi-race city: Hanmer.

SpringRite is specialized in the use of the long sword, and has been training in Hanmer with Istikar to achieve weapon mastery, although a recent quest has taken him away from that training.

SpringRite was developing a burgeoning relationship with Gabriella, who recently disappeared along with Mace Nighthammer and others. Mace's disappearance thrust SpringRite rather reluctantly into the role of party leader, but he was successful in leading the group to Jar-Kahn and rescuing the missing party members.

However, shortly afterwards, as he was returning to Nazivonema, he met a mysterious young Elven lady named LaurelStar who was bringing a package to Shael i'Vor. The two became very close very quickly -- too quickly, if one were to ask Gabriella. After the ship they were traveling on was destroyed, they traveled through Onyllan, and one night the two Elves disappeared, leaving behind only a note saying SpringRite had decided to aid LaurelStar in her quest to help her home forest.

SpringRite was originally a PC played by David Greenwood, and is now an NPC.