On the Good Ship Daikigyou

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This adventure began after SpringRite and his companions had rescued several of their companions in Jar-Kahn. After they decided not to continue their earlier mission with Lady Allegra or to pursue Antos and the other man who had imprisoned part of the group, the party decided it was time to start fresh.

A new beginning

With that, the party prepared to depart Jar-Kahn. Deciding that Hanmer might be too dangerous, the party canceled their plan to return via airship, and instead prepared to take a passenger ship to Vesqui, then travel overland back to Nazivonema. Since the party found that the next passenger ship would not arrive for several days, Villea, Al Sha'in and Delmar Zorchglimmer returned in the airship. CloudStorm went with them so that he might retrieve his falcon companion, intending to rejoin the group once they reached Nazivonema.

The passenger ship arrived -- the Daikigyou, a ship from Jiberia -- and Beyla became concerned, thinking it was connected to the Snake clan, a group known for its ruthlessness and treachery. After SpringRite spoke with an elf who had just disembarked, who told him he had had no trouble, the party decided to book passage, with Beyla agreeing to serve as ship's cat in exchange for her fare.

Out to sea

The Daikigyou set sail the next morning, and the party was invited to dine with Captain Saichi. However, several of the party members felt ill. SpringRite was in especially bad shape, and the group called upon the ship's cleric, SeaWind, to aid him. Keladryn, Beyla and Fiona met with the captain, and the meeting was postponed until the following day. The party noted that SeaWind seemed to be behaving oddly, and possibly spying on them.

The following day, the party had lunch with the captain and discussed some of their respective exploits. The Daikigyou then made port in Porton to pick up another passenger, and the party spent the evening at the Spindrift Inn in town. Beyla seemed to know the innkeeper, named Xandro, and introduced him to Gabriella and NightShade. The three then had a meeting out of sight of the rest of the party. The sisters returned, and the party stayed to hear the tale of the mad wizard's tower outside the city, and then most of them spent the night on the boat.

The Daikigyou set sail the next morning, but Hanalyn, who had still not recovered from her seasickness, remained behind to attempt to procure other transportation. During these first few days, the party had noticed SeaWind apparently spying on them, and noticed this again on this morning. Also, the passenger that came aboard in Porton seemed quite mysterious -- Beyla observed the person coming aboard concealed in a heavy cloak, carrying a mysterious package. She and NightShade determined to investigate.

Later that day, the party discussed the possibility of abandoning their ocean-going voyage in favor of attempting to earn some gold, in the hopes of getting to Nazivonema more quickly. To that end, they asked Gar about his plans, and about what he knew of the new passenger. It was determined that she was likely an elf from Shael i'Vor, and Gabriella went to have a chat with her. She discovered that her name was LaurelStar, and that she was safeguarding a package bound for her people in Vesqui. After some discussion, the party began negotiation to hire on as her guards.

The confrontation

Meanwhile, a mysterious ship appeared on the northern horizon, slowly bearing down on the Daikigyou. The new ship signaled the Daikigyou, requesting a meeting on shore, and Captain Saichi agreed. He pointedly requested that one of the passengers accompany him, as he suspected the pursuers were seeking them for some reason, and it was decided that Beyla (in cat form) and Kelrick would join the shore party.

Once on shore, the party met the captain of the other ship, a man named Castavir who claimed to be a landholder from near Porton. He informed Captain Saichi that a valuable necklace had been stolen from him, and that a diviner told him it was on the Daikigyou. The captain offered to resolve the issue once they reached Tabune, but Castavir refused, instead demanding that they all return to Porton. Saichi refused this, and Castavir told him that if the necklace wasn't turned over to him in two hours, that he and his forces would board the Daikigyou.

When Saichi and the rest of the shore party returned, he was none too pleased with the situation. While Saichi went to see LaurelStar and SeaWind went to the cabin with the two diplomats, Kelrick discussed the situation with the rest of the group. He then went back to the captain and told him they knew nothing of the necklace, at which point the captain asked if the party would be willing to gather information about the other ship. The party agreed.

Beyla was given Thunderklak's Ioun Stone and proceeded to the other ship ethereally. Unfortunately, being unfamiliar with the Ethereal Plane, she was unable to locate the other ship, though she could hear something happening. She returned with little information. It then fell to Adaron to talk to the captain about how to deploy the party for the ship's defense. SpringRite was sent up to the crow's nest and, as the others prepared, the other ship rose out of the water and began to move toward the Daikigyou through the air, and came down on top of the ship, destroying both in the process.


After the ship's destruction, the crew and passengers of the Daikigyou made their way to shore. However, Adaron, Vanadin and Kelrick were not found among the survivors, and several crew members were apparently lost as well. After searching for their friends without success, the remaining group members decided to head east, skirting Shael i'Vor. Beyla returned to Porton with Captain Saichi and the remaining crew members.

As the party traveled through Onyllan, one night they awoke to find SpringRite and LaurelStar gone, with a note left behind stating that SpringRite had decided to help LaurelStar, with whom he had gotten close of late much to the dismay of Gabriella, to defend her homeland. Once the party reached Quast, Thunderklak and Sildar parted from their company to find further jobs. Fiona left soon afterwards, bound for the University Al Maneera. The remaining party members -- Mace, Molbo, Keladryn, Gabriella and NightShade -- made their way to Nazivonema, where they intended to meet with their comrades.

Cast of characters

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