From Ardrana

Transha is a fairly large island located in the Sea of Egaby off the southwestern coast of Lanad i'Sarois. It is the largest of the Palm Islands, an island group that runs from the southern tip of the continent, trailing out to the southwest, and is the southernmost point of land north of the Grinder other than the nearby island of Trecal, being about one hundred sixty miles north of those dangerous waters. The island is volcanic in nature, although Mt. Whisperwind has not erupted in recent memory.

Transha is ruled by the Nine Families -- the descendants of the twenty original settlers of the island centuries ago. Each of the families rules an area of the island around the coast, and only meet jointly for matters of defense. Jerilcha Fortenth is the recognized governor of the island for administrative purposes, but the Nine Families consider her more of a "first among equals".

Transha, along with the rest of the Palm Islands, is one of the ten member duchies of the White Alliance, having become so during the Wars of Arin. The arrangement was made by Corona Australe, leader of The Australe, as part of a treaty which promised the island's support during the wars and expanding trade between Transha and the mainland.