Venturia de'Medici

From Ardrana

Venturia de'Medici is a Halfling alchemist from the city of Firenze. She is the second-oldest child and eldest daughter of the current head of House de'Medici, and with the absence of her older brother Niccolo the acting heir. However, her status was placed in jeopardy when it was discovered that she had had a brief tryst with one of her bodyguards, a Human named Gaius Lentulus.

Venturia recently left her home to seek out both Gaius and Niccolo, which brought her to the Lastini village of Queral. Due to a series of misunderstandings, Gaius was killed by the captain of the town guard and Venturia placed under arrest. Shortly thereafter, she was liberated by her brother, who had joined a band of pirates led by Redbeard, along with Gaius' body, and is presumably still among their crew.

Venturia was a PC played by Eric Smith, now an NPC.