Gaius Lentulus

From Ardrana

Gaius Lentulus is a Human soldier from the city of Rome who has left the military and sought adventure on his own. He recently made his way across the Golden Ocean in the company of Qi'ante. The two arrived in Mentoncha, and soon joined a group to battle a band of pirates that had been sacking settlements along the coast.

After the pirate mission went sideways, he was recommended by one of his compatriots, Niccolo de'Medici, for a position with his family on the Medici Islands. He was hired as a guard for Niccolo's sister, Venturia, but had to leave following an ill-advised tryst with her. He returned to the Lanad, where he joined the White Army garrison in Gascar. Since he had previous experience with the pirates to the north, he was attached to the party that had been sent to find them. Unfortunately for him, when they reached the village of Queral, he once more encountered Venturia. The two had a misunderstanding, leading to his death at the hands of the captain of the guard.

Gaius Lentulus was originally a PC played by Eric Smith, and later an NPC.