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The region of Idrellan is somewhat newly-formed. It grew up around the East-West Road over the past several hundred years, carving out a niche between Shael i'Vor to the north and Faxanadu to the south. The Vorilon River forms its northern border in the east and separates it from the Forest of Purity. There is no solidly defined border to the south, but the Karis are quick to respond to any perceived incursion.


Idrellan as a region is anything but unified. There are three distinct areas within the region, with each having its own direction.

The western part of Idrellan is the Duchy of Vesqui and is part of the White Alliance. Although Vesqui itself is not considered part of Idrellan, both Jensia and Fitzky do Barra occasionally try to exert some influence over the region.

In eastern Idrellan, near the Old Gnome Road, which is considered the border with Hanaellan, the White Alliance is viewed much more negatively. This is in part due to a wave of incursions over the past decade or so by evil humanoids from the north. Here, Mirdael Hanaestor often makes overtures to the local landholders, but thus far with limited success.

Central Idrellan is under the control of the independent city-state of Nazivonema. As such, it is fiercely independent, and staunchly refuses to join either the White Alliance or Duke Mirdael's loose confederation. They are on reasonably friendly terms with both sides, however, especially given their importance as a port on the Vorilon.