From Ardrana

The town of Warshick sits at the intersection of two main trade routes, the East-West Road and the Old Gnome Road. It is about a day's ride south of Semmarch, on the border between Kellan and Hanaellan. It is primarily known as the home of Arvidas, head instructor of a renowned combat training facility.

About ten years ago, the town and the surrounding region suffered a series of orc raids, to which many now point as the beginnings of the division between Duke Mirdael and the White Alliance.

More recently, there has been some dispute over whether Warshick is part of Kellan or part of Hanaellan, with many in the city on each side. As might be expected, this has only contributed to the tensions in the area, and may have led to the Duke hiring giff to patrol his borders along the roads.