Old Gnome Road

From Ardrana

The Old Gnome Road is the oldest known trade route in Lanad i'Sarois, and the longest continuous road on the continent as well. It is said that it was built by the Gnomes of Alior, and in fact its northern end is in the city of Sver in that region, but there are conflicting claims that parts of it were built by the people of Kellan, by the Elves of Shael i'Vor, whose eastern edge it skirts at times, and even by the Karis.

What cannot be argued is that the Old Gnome Road played an important role in commerce for hundreds of years, even through the Wars of Arin, when it was the only travel route left alone by the Onyx Empire. From Sver, the road follows the Vorilon River south through the MidLands, passing through many of the city-states in Lan-Zarek. It then continues through the foothills of the Thair Mountains, where it is not uncommon to see temporary trading posts set up by the Dwarves of Thorin's clan.

The road leaves the Vorilon in the hills, passing by Semmarch on the way to Warshick, where it crosses the East-West Road. Continuing south, it also crosses Harper's Trail in the town of Mauben. It continues southward, travelling the length of Kellan, until reaching the tip of the continent at Morelenas. There are rumors that in the distant past, the road continued across a land bridge to Rannas i'Drasoin that no longer exists. No proof of that has ever been uncovered, mainly because of the dangers of the Grinder.