Alvin Haler

From Ardrana

Alvin Haler is a Human mage from Rabk who specializes in the use of elemental air spells. His father, Winthrop Haler, is the private chef to Rockefeller, the mayor of Rabk. His mother, Marianne Haler, runs a tea shop in the city.

Alvin's interest in magic began at a young age, when he was apprenticed to an itinerant wizard named Cecil. Upon deciding to become an air elementalist, his training was handled by a sylph named Zephaera.

When his studies were complete, he decided to leave his home with his friend and neighbor, Siege, to see what fortunes might be found on the adventuring road. He headed to the city of Gascar as he'd seen a poster looking for people to help with a new entertainment district being built there, and was hired to help clear out the nearby ruins. However, after certain subsequent events, he was removed from the project, and briefly worked in the kitchens at Castle Telva.

A few weeks later, Alvin received a message from Siege that his talents were again needed. He departed Gascar and came to the village of Promise Junction, where he reunited with his friend and their companions. In addition to adventuring with them, he was hired as an assistant to Cellani, the head chef at the local Red Dragon Inn.

Alvin is a PC played by Phil Vlasak.