Red Dragon Inn

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The Red Dragon Inn -- or Inns, perhaps, as there are a fair number of them -- is a chain of inns that are all connected literally as well as figuratively. Each one has the same layout, and the services, rooms and meals are all the same price, but they all seem to have access to a wide variety of food and drink, and all seem to have more rooms within them than would otherwise be expected from the outside. Part of the reason for this is that they are connected by a series of conduits through the Astral Plane, but they are quite mum on what other reasons there might be for their quirks.

The RDI, as it is commonly known, has a reputation for catering to adventurers. Although the inns are well-maintained, there is typically a rowdy atmosphere, and most self-respecting merchants avoid staying there. The low prices also tend to keep away those who seek better accommodations, and those who patronize the establishment generally prefer it that way.


The exterior structure of each Red Dragon is different, as the establishment is typically set up within an existing building. Even if it is not, the new inn is built so as not to stand out too much from its surroundings. Otherwise, the following characteristics are common to all branches of the Red Dragon Inn:

  • There will always be a sign hanging to the right of the main entrance displaying a picture of the inn's namesake, stylized in a way to be recognizable to the locals. Similarly, the words "Red Dragon Inn" will appear below the picture in the language most commonly spoken in the city.
  • The first floor of each one is a tavern. The number of tables varies with the size of the city. Small ones may have as few as half a dozen, while larger ones may have as many as fifty.
  • Across from the front entrance is the bar, which typically runs most of the length of the room. This bar doubles as the registration desk.
  • To the left of the bar is a set of stairs going up to a landing that runs the length of the room behind the bar. At either end of this landing is a hallway that leads into the inn part. This area is typically larger than it would appear from the exterior.
  • Also to the left, in the center of the left-hand wall, is a large stone fireplace, in which there is always a fire burning.
  • Behind the bar is the kitchen and storage areas. Also, there is the door to the passage that leads to other RDIs.
  • Along the right-hand wall is an area for darts.
  • Along the wall where the front entrance is located, there is a gaming table or tables of some kind to the right of the entrance. This is usually some kind of competitive game such as ping-pong or skittles, although it may be something else.
  • Along the same wall, on the other side of the entrance, is a raised area where any entertainment takes place. When there is no entertainment, tables will be placed here.
  • The basement of the RDI, accessible via a door beneath the stairs to the guest rooms, has one or more private meeting rooms. It also has a holding area for those who break the rules of the RDI, into which people can be dropped through trap doors in the floor.
  • The decor is always done in dark wood. The walls tend to be unadorned, but there are light sconces, evenly spaced around the tavern at about 15 feet above the floor. Occasionally, there will be message boards on the wall next to the dart board in cities which have no public area for postings.
  • The rooms upstairs tend to be similarly unadorned. They have a bed or beds, a nightstand (or two), a footlocker at the base of the bed, a wash basin, and a place to take care of nature's call.
  • There are always single or double rooms available, and the price is always the same -- 1 gold piece (GP) for a single room for one night, 2 GP for a double. 5 GP or 10 GP for a week. Price is doubled if one wants room and board. Suites are available for significantly higher prices. Rooms with a bath are also available for an additional 5 silver pieces (SP) per night.
  • Dinner is 5 SP for those staying at the RDI, 7 SP for those not staying there. Alcoholic beverages are not included.
  • Each RDI has a stable. Cost for stabling your horse is 1 SP per day, or 2 SP if you don't supply your own feed. Stabling is free for those paying for a room.
  • Weapons must be peace-tied in the RDI. Anyone who draws a weapon is dropped through the floor. This goes for any offensive spells and magic items as well. Non-offensive spells are typically given a pass, as long as they are not overly disruptive.
  • The RDI is always open. Although the kitchen shuts down for a couple hours in the dead of night, one can always get some kind of food or drink or a room.


The RDI is not limited to Ardrana, and it is in fact unknown exactly which of their establishments opened first. Following is a list of known locations of RDI's throughout the multiverse: