The Battle Place

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The Battle Place is the temple of Perasin in the city of Nazivonema. It was given that name by Molbo, its founder and Great Priest. It is still being built, but has a functioning sparring arena and weapons maintanence facilities.


The Battle Place is a relatively new establishment. It was created about a year ago by Molbo, a barbarian priest from the land of Odiferous. He traveled here with an adventuring party and learned to his dismay that there was no temple to Perasin here, and vowed to create one. After he completed his travels, he did so, using the gold he'd earned on his adventures to purchase land near the other temples in the city.

As soon as work got started, Molbo requested that his temple be allowed to become part of the Allied Temples, an important organization in the city. His entry was granted provisionally, pending the completion of the temple proper. However, soon afterwards, Molbo's services were required in his homeland, as the Most Sacred Crock of Cheese had been stolen, and he swiftly moved to retrieve it. He turned over the oversight of the temple's construction to Khalistov, a Dwarven priest who was at the time the only other priest at the temple.

Activities at the Battle Place

The Bashing of the Bricks

Molbo has brought some of his homeland's traditions to the temple, including the Bashing of the Bricks ceremony, which assesses a person's strength before entering the arena. This ceremony must be performed before one can participate in the arena. Khalistov, Molbo's second-in-command, performs the assessment.

Earning Battle Snacks

In addition to the Bashing of the Bricks, combatants in the arena are encouraged to improve their fighting skill through the earning of Battle Snacks. To earn these snacks, they must participate in an ongoing series of sparring challenges with other willing competitors. Such challenges must be openly stated and accepted in the arena by both competitors before the battle takes place, although a competitor can register with the temple as an open challenger to bypass such formalities.

Defeating five separate opponents during this sparring exercise earns a reward of one Battle Snack. A warrior can earn a maximum of one snack per day and any opponent he defeats cannot be faced again for five days. Anyone caught paying off other competitors to fake defeats will be banned from receiving any additional Battle Snacks for life. However, they can still be defeated by other competitors. A tally board in the arena shows the members of the Battle Snack Warriors and their current standing.


Molbo returned to Nazivonema recently, and is eager to move forward with establishing the temple as an important part of the city. To that end, the temple sponsored an arm-wrestling game at the recent Harvest Festival. The game was run by Shmo, a recently-recruited acolyte, with the aid of some of the temple's regular patrons.