From Ardrana

The city of Byngh lies in the heart of the land now called Hanaellan, and is the home of its lord, Duke Mirdael Hanaestor. It sits on a hill just a few days' journey south of the Thair Mountains, at the northern end of the King's Road (which some in Byngh are now calling the Duke's Road), and at the eastern end of the recently-built Green Road. In the valley below is the northernmost navigable point for large ships on the Hanaelon River. Since Duke Mirdael withdrew from the White Alliance, the city's once-bustling trade with Hanmer, Braith, and the Dwarves of the Thair has slowed considerably, though some still takes place.

At the entrance to the city stand two stone statues dedicated to Mirdael's two sons, Ballion and Saraton. Many see these statues as a blight on what is generally considered the most architecturally beautiful city in all the SouthLands.