King's Road

From Ardrana

The King's Road is one of the most important trade routes in the SouthLands. It was built during the early years of the Wars of Arin to aid in troop movements. To aid in coordination of such movements, it sits mostly within a few hundred feet of the Hanaelon River, running along its eastern banks. It also runs past several signal towers, which are still in use to warn of danger.

The King's Road runs from Morelenas in the south through the central Kellan, crossing Harper's Trail at the city of Hanmer, then runs into what is now Hanaellan, crossing the East-West Road at The Crossroads, then continues north through Byngh until it meets with a path into the Thair Mountains. (In Hanaellan, some have taken to calling this northern segment "The Duke's Road".) From there, the path leads to the city of Braith, but this is not considered part of the King's Road.