Kapoc al'Ramed kaf'Upan

From Ardrana

Kapoc al'Ramed kaf'Upan is a Human nobleman, the Caliph of Upanistan on the fringes of the Cardillic Desert. He is also a powerful spellcaster, both as a priest of Malarik and a mage specializing in spells dealing with magical forces.


Caliph Kapoc became the ruler of Upanistan some fifteen years ago. Following the death of his father, Caliph Ramed, he quickly built a new palace in the city of Cardimer in an attempt to strengthen his claim on that city. He soon instituted a harsh regime, executing a number of his closest rivals while promoting Amar al'Hassan kaf'Daro, one of his chief supporters and a firm believer in rule by force, to be his main advisor.

This has led to some criticism, especially from his chief rival, Sultan Bedou dan Yuwar of Agropthos, who also claims Cardimer. Emir Rocan dahar Plaez of Cardimer has taken a neutral position in regard to the dispute over the city, but there have been rumors that he supported a failed rebellion two years ago, and he has since kept a low profile.


While Caliph Kapoc is certainly interested in temporal power, and in ensuring his rule over Upanistan and Cardimer, he is also well known to be most interested in intellectual pursuits. He values intelligence above all else, and is said to have sought some way to separate one's intellect from the baser needs of the body and emotional interferences of the heart. A recent attempt to do so resulted in the separated aspects fighting against each other and nearly being removed from power. However, this has not dampened his ambitions in any way.

His ambitions are, however, tempered by practicality. Shortly after his coronation, he chose to abandon his father's plan to expand northward to the town of Satoll, believing that having such a distant outpost would be too vulnerable. A small squadron of Upanistan's soldiers is still stationed there, biding their time until the Caliph decides it is time to strike.

Note: Caliph Kapoc originally appeared in the Aladdin TV show. All references are meant only as context for the fictional gaming world of Ardrana.