Amar al'Hassan kaf'Daro

From Ardrana

Amar al'Hassan kaf'Daro is a Human nobleman. He is the ruling Sheik of the city of Daro in southeastern Cardyl, having inherited it from his father, Sheik Hassan, upon his death ten years ago. Although he claims independence, Amar serves as Caliph Kapoc of Upanistan's primary advisor on matters of trade. His city also has close ties to Emir Rocan of Cardimer. He is currently married to Shafara, his third wife and daughter of one of his trade partners. He has nine children, with his eldest son Dazeem serving as his heir.

Like his predecessors, he commands a vast fortune and network of trade throughout the Cardillic Desert, and has continued to spread his influence in Mentoncha, Arin, and even into northeastern Kellan. His eldest son Dazeem is also his right hand in these matters, but it is his second son, Wyndel, who has been vital to opening relations with Gascar.