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Upanistan is a land on the fringes of the Cardillic Desert, on the shores of Shark's Fin Bay. It lies south of the Caliphate of Cardyl, north of Mentoncha. It is ruled by Caliph Kapoc, a sorceror who is rumored to have some sort of multiple personality, in that his head and body are somehow controlled by separate entities.

The Caliph has his residence in the city of Cardimer, in part so that he can solidify his claim to that city. That claim is disputed by Bedou dan Yuwar, Caliph of Cardyl, who seeks to cut off Upanistan's access to the sea. While the two countries are not technically at war, tempers run high in this part of the desert.

Note: The region of Upanistan and its inhabitants originally appeared in the Aladdin TV show. All references are meant only as context for the fictional gaming world of Ardrana.