Delmar Zorchglimmer

From Ardrana

Delmar Zorchglimmer is a semi-retired Human warrior who currently lives on his estate in the town of Gaithos. He is well-connected, and is an agent for the Facilitators' Guild of Hanmer. He is also a champion darts player -- a weapon master in darts, in fact -- as well as a some-time adventurer. His adventuring career has spanned a couple of decades, and has worked with both Mello Yellow and Beatrice.

Born in Undarrit, Delmar is a recent transplant to Gaithos after having spent most of his life in Semmarch. Shortly after moving there, his house was home to guests who had been hired by the local gentry to investigate some recent deaths in the area. Delmar wound up accompanying the adventurers and helped them to rid the area of the ogres who caused those deaths.

Delmar's most recent mission with the Facilitators was to deliver a certain item contained in a magic-dampening box to Heart of the Earth to be destroyed. After some investigation, he went with the item to Jar-Kahn, where he and others were waylaid by Antos, another Facilitator. They were recently rescued by SpringRite and the rest of their party.

Note: The name "Delmar Zorchglimmer" was taken from a PC played by George Proulx in another game.