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The city of Kimelis sits on the shores of the Living Ocean on the western coast of Lanad i'Sarois. It is one of the most important cities in Kellan, serving as a trade center for much of the western part of the region. It was also the site of an important battle during the Wars of Arin.


Kimelis was ruled for several decades by the Scott family. It was destroyed once during the early days of the Wars of Arin, and was prevented from being destroyed a second time only due to the timely arrival of reinforcements led by Sir Roderick Harper. After the death of Kinwood Scott, rulership of the city passed to the Harpers.

Current status

Kimelis is ruled by Duke Alderrick Harper, Roderick's son. It is the seat of one of the ten duchies of the White Alliance, and is the western terminus of Harper's Trail, an important trade route through Kellan.

Kimelis is also home to a community of Lastini expatriates, the largest such population in the Lanad outside Mentoncha. They are mostly descended from a small group which left their new homeland following a dispute with Queen Calestra over religious matters. Their main temple sits on top of Cherry Hill on the southern edge of the city.