White Council

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The White Council is a political offshoot of the White Alliance, created shortly after the Alliance was formed during the first invasion of the Wars of Arin. It began with five members, representing Hanmer, Semmarch, Morelenas, Kimelis, and Rabk, and over time has grown to include members representing each of the ten member duchies. The council's first president was Morley Pallianor. Only two other men have held the position: Morley's son, Milvey, and the current president, Lukus the Blue, a retired priest of Morelen, who was first elected to the position in 818 LC.

Since the abdication of Tristan II in 765 LC, the White Council is technically the ruling body of Kellan. The Council's power is fairly limited, but its advisory decrees are typically taken quite seriously by the member duchies. The full council generally meets only twice a year, at the vernal and autumnal equinox, in the city of Morelenas. However, there are permanent representatives of each duchy that will meet in emergencies, and often there are informal meetings that take place in Hanmer to discuss matters of trade and the like.

The Council meets in a special chamber in the White Castle, where the coats of arms of each duchy are displayed. Nine of the ten seats are currently occupied, while the tenth is reserved for a representative from the Thair Mountains -- the seat formerly occupied by Mirdael Hanaestor prior to Hanaellan's withdrawal from the Alliance. The current representatives are listed below.

Duchy Representative
Braith Vacant
Filitir Forest Telentar
Gascar Aria Chervil
Hanmer Lanthana Hanaestor
Kimelis Valirra Harper
Morelenas Marcus Pallianor
Rabk Zybourn
Shethkor Keln
Transha Marston Australe
Vesqui Jensia