First Matrian Migration

From Ardrana

The First Matrian Migration is the term given to the flight of a group of Lastini from Nortemas in northern Matria across the Golden Ocean. It occurred during the reign of High Queen Ochavia in 683 LC. Those who migrated would eventually found of the country of Mentoncha in Lanad i'Sarois.

Several years before the migration, skirmishes had broken out along the northern border of Matria with forces from their neighbors in Pah'tagonya. Legends say that hostilities began over a misunderstanding between two travelers involving a stray arrow and a damaged cart of exported goods from Pah'tagonya. For the most part, the latter nation was the aggressor in the conflict, and the Matrians thwarted numerous attempts to cross into their lands over the course of several months.

By the early months of 683, the border skirmishes had escalated into all-out war. Fearing that their allies in Latium would not reach the front before the fighting reached the capital of Boniesca, it was decided that the best and brightest of northern Matria would be sent across the Golden Ocean in hopes of preserving their culture. Thus, a ship was sent westward carrying such notable people as Lithra, her mentor, Caldra the Seer and the niece of the High Queen, Corlana.

By the time the ship arrived in what is now Pescara, they had suffered the loss of several people including Caldra, and spirits were pretty low. It was decided, however, that this new settlement would need a new direction and Lithra was chosen to lead them, becoming the first queen.