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Caldrana was a Lastini noblewoman, the first queen of the portion of the Lastini people which migrated to Lanad i'Sarois, now called the First Matrian Migration. She was the founder of the House os'Sarani, and the initiator of many customs that exist in Mentoncha to this day.

Before sailing

Lithra was a scholar born in Matria, but whose family was among those who left that land and sailed across the sea to found the new country of Mentoncha. One of those who also journeyed across the Golden Ocean was Lithra's mentor, Caldra, who was known as Caldra the Seer because of her great ability at divination. Sadly, Caldra was lost during the voyage, and it was Lithra who stepped in and provided guidance to her fellow travelers.

Arrival in the Lanad

Upon the Lastini people's arrival in the Lanad, it was Lithra who was selected as the first queen in the new land. This selection was not without controversy, and even today, there are those who would challenge the House os'Sarani, which was the name Lithra gave to her family following her assumption of the throne. Also, Lithra herself changed her name to Caldrana upon her selection in honor of her mentor, Caldra. Her daughter and each daughter after have ruled Mentoncha ever since then.

Caldrana is also credited with taking the first Journey of Enlightenment, in which she founded the city of Mentoncha. It was not called this, though, until Caldrana's daughter, Calestra, made her Journey to Rogariel at Caldrana's urging.