Fitzky do Barra

From Ardrana

Fitzky is a human myrikhan, the captain of the White Army garrison in the city of Vesqui. Though he personally is held in high regard, he often finds himself at odds with the mostly-Elven population of the city. The reason for this is well-known: the Elves are unhappy that one of their number was not chosen for the post, and they are quite vocal about it. Fitzky especially has an antagonistic relationship with Jensia, the White Council representative from the city.

Fitzky himself is a somewhat unassuming fellow. Being a myrikhan, he learned patience from the priests of Severn who trained him. His father was a blacksmith, and encouraged him to dedicate himself to the Lord of the Forge, a choice Fitzky has never regretted. He tries his best to keep things on an even keel between human and elf, and while he realizes the ultimate futility of the endeavour, he appreciates that the pursuit of it must continue.