White Army

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The White Army is the military force of the White Alliance. While all able-bodied citizens are expected to take up arms during times of war, the White Army is a standing force. Its main purpose is to defend the member states against invasion, but in some member cities they are called upon to serve as law enforcement or as intelligence operatives.


The White Army was formed as a cohesive unit shortly after the formation of the Alliance itself. During the Wars of Arin, commanded by Roderick Harper, it played a key role in the defense of Kellan against the Onyx Empire.


The White Army is currently commanded by General Zachriel. Each of the ten alliance duchies has a garrison, and each is commanded by a captain:

Duchy Captain
Braith Zorg
Filitir Forest Orant the Seeker
Gascar Vilthuril Rose
Hanmer Dorstaff
Kimelis Irian
Morelenas Whozewatze
Rabk Corona
Shethkor Velder
Transha Jerilcha Fortenth
Vesqui Fitzky do Barra

Typically, a garrison has 1,000 soldiers, although there may be more or less at any particular time. Each garrison is divided into 10 divisions, each led by a lieutenant, each of which is further divided into 10 companies, each led by a sergeant and containing 10 soldiers including the sergeant.

The "White Navy"

The White Alliance also has a substantial naval force, which is considered part of the Army. It is commanded by Templeton and has bases in Morelenas, Gascar, and Kimelis.