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Gabriella is an Elven mage who, though still very young for an Elf, has spent several years adventuring around the SouthLands following the death of her parents. Along with her sister, NightShade, she does occasional work for the Thieves' Guild of Nazivonema in between stints of adventuring. Gabriella is known for her positive attitude (especially in comparison to her sister) and for her bright pink hair (and matching taste in wizardly attire) -- hence her well-used nickname "Pinky".

Gabriella spent the early part of her career traveling with a variety of adventuring groups. Most recently, she had been traveling with SpringRite, with whom she had been developing a romantic relationship. Along with her sister and several others, she traveled to Jar-Kahn to investigate the contents of a mysterious container carried by Antos when he betrayed them. All but NightShade were locked in a dungeon in the Tower of Necromancy, where they were rescued by SpringRite and his companions.

Things began to go a bit sideways for Gabriella on their return trip to Nazivonema. Her paramour, SpringRite, became enamored of LaurelStar, a High Elf of Shael i'Vor, and one night they disappeared, leaving behind only a note for explanation. She returned with her sister to her home, and resolved to forget about her former love.

Gabriella was originally a PC played by Michael Ritskowitz, and is now an NPC.